Grand Banks' beverage program has been widely praised, gracing the cover of Imbibe and the pages of the New York Times, and has been included in numerous top ten lists of New York Bars. 



WILD'S NEGRONI ~ Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Muddled Strawberry and Orange
PAINKILLER ~ White Rum, Coconut Cream, Pineapple, Sun

With a focus on the pleasures of drinking outdoors, Grand Banks crafts nautically inspired cocktails using fresh squeezed juices, locally sourced produce, and quality spirits. 

BLUE HAWAII ~ Vodka, Curaçao, Rum, Fresh Squeezed Orange
ABUELA COLADA ~ Bacardi Maestro, Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Coconut Creme, Maraschino, Lime, Almond, Bitters
NEGRONI SBAGLIATO ~ Sparkling Wine, Campari, Sweet Vermouth

Wine & Beer

Grand Banks offers a smart selection of summery wines, crisp Champagnes, and regional craft beers. 


Beverage Director

Lauren Schell is director of the beverage program at Grand Banks. As both a master bartender and strong believer in hospitality, she artfully balances innovation and tradition with a primary focus on providing a enlivening and enjoyable drinking experience.

Prior to Grand Banks, Lauren ran the world-renowned Milk & Honey for seven years and partnered with its legendary founder, Sasha Petraske, to open the classic cocktail bar, The Everleigh, in Melbourne, Australia.